There is so much happening in Flaxmere, it is hard to know where to start

November 2021

In the last few weeks, announcements have been made on the start of the new infrastructure (roads and pipes) for hundreds of new homes, and that we will have a new supermarket with neighbouring shops by mid-2024.

Plans for the new skate plaza in Flaxmere Park have been unveiled, the new basketball court in Flaxmere Park has been built, and a community discussion held on what the replacement playground in Ron Giorgi Park Ill should include.

Flaxmere was first developed in the 1970s, which makes it a teenager compared to most other towns and cities in Hawke's Bay and wider New Zealand. With all this development, we're about to hit adulthood!

With all that is happening, we all need to be involved in discussions about how we want Pā Harakeke to look. Your Flaxmere Planning Committee has put a survey together, to allow us all to have a say.

There are lots of great questions in the survey, but perhaps the most important are the ones that ask how you want Flaxmere to look in three years' time, and then in 30 years' time.

We need to be thinking about our whanau now, ourselves as we get older, and our next generations.

The information from the survey will be used to prepare the new three-year Flaxmere Community Plan, which is what guides the actions of your Flaxmere Planning Committee.

It will be our fourth community plan, and the previous versions have seen some great initiatives, including the upgrade of Flaxmere Park (it is sooooo much better than it was a 15 years ago), including the playground with splash pad, the stage, ki-o-rahi and disc golf, an upgrade of the community centre, the introduction of community patrols, and a whole heap of community programmes. And of course, this newsletter and the @myflaxmere Facebook page, to help us all stay connected.

To achieve all this, the committee works closely with Hastings District Council and scopes out external fundraising opportunities to enable stuff to happen.

You can look up the most recent version of the plan here:

Then leap onto the www.myvoicemychoice. page, click on the Flaxmere Community Plan tab and tell us what you think, or scan the QR code below. You can get hard copies of the survey at the Flaxmere Community Centre and at the Flaxmere Library.

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