Homes for our people: Tarbet St update

Buying rules for the new homes on Tarbet St will help make sure the sections go to those most likely to need them.

Buyers have to start building a home on their section within six months and the buyer has to live in the home for at least three years. The conditions are designed to make sure families can buy and build on them.

There are also rules that will ensure the housing is of a good standard. The homes must have at least three bedrooms, have an attached garage, have a colour-steel roof and aluminum joinery, and paths and driveways must be paved. Two larger sections within the development, earmarked for social housing, will also meet those same standards.

With the drinking water, waste water and stormwater systems all in place and work started on the road through the subdivision and shared green space in the middle of it, the project is well on the way to being completed by February.

Hastings District Council owns the sections and will be selling them for between $130,000 and $140,000. The project is a one of a number of initiatives in Hastings District Council’s housing plan for the district, intended to increasing housing availability, and improve opportunities for low-income families and first home buyers.

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