GOAL seven:

Increase recreation and sports opportunities



  • Educate and upskill parents to be able to better teach social skills and basic pro social behaviours

  • Create cultural opportunities for more cultural interaction

  • Create opportunities to engage community recreation activities for children – pool access, library clubs etc

  • Balance and coordination skills - increase the number of schools running the Get It Started Programme

  • Investigate getting park equipment into Flaxmere parks


  • Create cultural opportunities for more cultural interaction – Polyfest, Kapa Haka, flaxmusic

  • Upgrade park facilities

  • Club coaching and mentoring for high performance


  • Create more family activities – Library, FCC, Events

  • Create opportunities for interfaith and inter community group activities, competitions, festivals and events

  • Establish walking groups

  • Dog exercise park

  • Include more activities in parks such as volleyball, basketball etc.

  • Coaching clinics and upskilling

  • Promote the Flaxmere Boxing Academy and Crossfit


  • Provide opportunities to socialise with other seniors in Flaxmere and Hastings

  • Improved access to FCC and Waterworld

Irongate and Flaxmere Primary Schools

Flaxmere Music Academy

Flaxmere Boxing Academy