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Supermarket no-show

Flaxmere received the sad news last month (April 2023) that Foodstuffs has backed away from building a new supermarket in the suburb. That resulted in the ending of the sale and purchase contract for the land Foodstuffs had with Hastings District Council.

A modern fit-for-purpose supermarket in Paharakeke has been on residents’ wish lists for more than 10 years.

Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst and chief executive Nigel Bickle were also very disappointed, given they believed Foodstuffs was committed to the project.

Flaxmere Planning Committee chairman Traci Tuimaseve says the good news is that the land is still owned by Council, it is still zoned commercial, and Council has advised that it is committed to seeing a retail centre on it.

“I know from some of the social media comment that people believe that the land is owned by Foodstuffs and therefore another supermarket or the like can’t go there. That is not the case,” said Traci.

Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst told Flaxmere Connect that Council is in discussions with developers and other supermarket providers and is doing all it can to attract an operator.

“I know this is deeply disappointing, however I have not given up,” said Mayor Sandra.

Traci said another myth in the community is that Council owns Flaxmere Village and car park, and could therefore upgrade it. “That is not the case. The whole property is owned by an overseas trust which does not seem very keen to spend money on bringing the property up to today’s standards.”

The Village was put up for sale in 2020 with both Council and Ngati Kahungunu initially showing interest, however it is believed that the price wanted by the trust was well beyond the value of the property.


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