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Softball diamond on the way

December 2022

A perfectly-sized softball diamond-shaped space on Ron Giorgi II Park, between the rugby fields and the skate bowl, is about to be filled.

Flaxmere Planning Committee board member and project co-ordinator Donnett Dellow put the proposal to Hastings District Council, which has agreed that it is the ideal spot for a grass diamond.

It will be modelled on Diamond 9 at Akina Park, and be used for training and social games.

“It really is ideal,” says Donnett. “There are these lovely big trees which provide shade, and we’ve arranged to use the club rooms already on site which means we have access to toilet facilities.”

Softball is hugely popular in Flaxmere, with “many hundreds” belonging to Flaxmere and Fastpitch softball clubs, as well as others across the region.

“We won’t be holding competitions in Flaxmere – Akina Park with its space for up to 12 diamonds is ideal for that. What we’re looking for is to have somewhere local that our teams can practice and to hold social games between sporting codes – or even for families to have a hit out at the weekend.”

Council is in the process of ordering the components required and planning the marking of the diamond. While no completion date is available, it is hoped it will be in place this summer season.

The new softball diamond will be the latest addition to sports facilities in Flaxmere, after a trail volleyball court was installed at the Wilson Rd end of Flaxmere Park, a community initiative saw a boxing bag installed along the Flaxmere Ave park boundary of the same park, the installation of new basketball courts in two Flaxmere parks, and the almost completed skate park on Flaxmere Park.


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