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Growing our own veggies

December 2022

The vegetable gardens outside the Flaxmere Community Centre are proving a huge hit, with members of the community turning up daily to plant, weed and water.

Whānau will be able to help themselves as the vegetables become ready, and some will be used for the tamariki cooking classes held at the centre.

Centre manager Taneshia Gill says the interest has been huge. “We have people turning up every day to look after them, and it’s also turning into a space where people hang out and chat.”

The kaupapa has already led to more ideas, including a programme that will see youngsters grow vegetables from seed next year, from seeds donated by Nourished for Nil. The resulting seedlings will be planted in the community gardens. A bean fence has been added, to accommodate runner beans, and thought is going into the addition of fruit trees next to the gardens and the installation of a pataka kai. “This has been driven by our kaumatua and it is amazing; we’re all loving this new addition to our community.”


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