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Free insulation for Flaxmere homes – it’s a real thing!

Every home in Flaxmere can be warm and dry – no excuses.

A scheme that provides free insulation to homeowners who live in their homes in Flaxmere, and rules that mean landlords have to insulate their properties, should see everyone in the suburb living in a healthy warm home by next winter.

There are no financial limits to the homeowners’ scheme – it does not matter what you earn. The only rules are that the property has to be in Flaxmere and be built before 2008, you have to own the home, you have to live in the home, and there must be enough room in the roof and/or under the floor to allow the team to fit the insulation.

Colleen Makowharemahihi (Mako) is rapt to have had her 1970s home newly insulated, both roof and underfloor, and a moisture barrier laid on the ground, taped around the piles. Her home had been “insulfluffed” at the time it was built, but it had long worn thin.

Mrs Mako is spreading the word amongst her friends just as fast as she can. “It’s definitely wonderful, especially for the elderly and children; everyone really.

“Around here we have lots of elderly living with their mokos, and we need to be able to keep them healthy. It’s good for your house too; keeping the damp and cold out.”

The team doing the fitting said there were very few homes they could not insulate, especially the 1960s and 1970s style that are common in Flaxmere. “There’s not many places we can’t get in.”

The scheme is also available to Maraenui residents, in Napier. It is funded by EECA, the Government energy efficiency and conservation authority, and the Hawke’s Bay Power Consumers’ Trust.

The installation work is being carried out by Smart Energy Solutions on behalf of the two organisations. Regional manager Dan Hunter says helping people who might otherwise not be able to have insulation is a real buzz for his team. “It’s about creating a warmer, drier, healthier home for families – it’s a pretty good feeling finishing off a job that you know is going to make a very real difference to a family’s lives.”

To get your insulation, phone 0800 888766.


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