Flaxmere College’s building work nearly complete

November 2021

Students will be in their brand-new learning space at Flaxmere College early in term one, 2022.

So big that deputy principal Shelley Arnold jokes that it may well be “visible from space”, it is 120 metres long; bigger than a rugby field.

The innovative learning space has been designed to cater for the diverse needs of students, with larger spaces where they can work collaboratively and smaller spaces for individuals to work on their own.

Even closer to being finished is the new administration building, in what was the car park. There is still landscaping to be done around it, but it should be ready to move into before the end of this school year.

The renovation of what was the school hall is also nearly completed, including the installation of music and hospitality suites.

Once the school moves into the new and renovated buildings, the old classrooms will be removed and the gymnasium will get its facelift. The landscaping of the new school will then begin to provide an environment that compliments the new school build and is unique to Flaxmere College.

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