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Fabulous Flaxmere: Three BIG days

With four huge events over three days: Mid-June was fabulous for Flaxmere. Over June 13, 14 and 15, it was all about colour, culture, music and family fun.


First up was the opening of the newly revamped playground in Flaxmere Park, with the opening timed for just after school, so we could get as many school children at the event as possible. There was a special reason for that; the students of all five of Flaxmere’s schools had played a big part in the upgrading of the park.

Kimi Ora Community School children had helped plant the 400-plus native plants in the playground gardens, after also helping to choose them. And pupils from all five schools, Kimi Ora, Irongate, Flaxmere Primary, Peterhead and Flaxmere College had designed the new flags to decorate the park, with 50 chosen by the schools to be made up by Hastings District Council.

Caption: Tall as: Flaxmere Park’s playground has the tallest rope climb in the district.


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