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Big housing announcement on the way

December 2022

The development organisations that will be building the new housing in Flaxmere are due to be announced by Hastings District Council any minute now.

As this issue of Flaxmere Connect went to print, it was expected that final decisions on which development companies would be selected would be made at a Council meeting on December 15.

A key criteria for selection was that the developers could deliver safe, warm affordable homes for first-home buyers, and offer a variety of pathways into home ownership. The development announcement would mean the style of homes being built and the ownership options could soon be made public.

The development organisations are purchasing the sections from Council, with the sales agreements stipulating the quality, price and selling mechanisms.

Meanwhile the construction of the road and three waters networks that will service the new homes continues. The Flaxmere Ave site is expected to be ready for the builders by the end of January, the Town Centre Block by May, and the Gum Tree block by March 2024 ..

A community-led expo that will help first home buyers understand and prepare for the purchasing process is being planned for January.


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