Little garden centre doing big things

It is just amazing how many plants you can get in one backyard – just check out Brent and Seymond Harris’ set-up.

The Flaxmere born and bred couple run a mini-garden centre, We Sow U Gro, from their home at 106 Flaxmere Avenue.

Seymond continues to work at an early childcare centre while doing the admin for the business, with Brent looking after the plants full-time.

“I started growing things for myself and then people started wanting plants. We thought we might be able to make a go of a business supplying plants at a reasonable price to our local people,” says Brent.

It has certainly worked. As it turns out, Flaxmere residents are very keen on roses. Brent can drive down Flaxmere Ave and see hundreds of roses people have bought from him. One property owner has 50, he says.

The former butcher and tyre engineer is loving working with plants and people all day. “For us, it’s about being able to supply plants that people can afford and helping people to learn to garden.

“Buying vegetables for a family can be really expensive, so if we can help people grow them in the garden then for me that’s got to be a good thing.”

To raise the profile of gardening in Flaxmere, the couple ran a gardening competition in December. They had 17 entries across four categories: best overall garden; best rose; best planter box; best hanging basket. The top place getters were: Best Garden: Sue Trenemen (1); Barbara Clark (2); Best Rose: Charlie and Anne Goodley (1); Sue Trenemen (2); Best Planter: Barbara Clark (1); Vicky Mckay (2); Best Hanging Basket: Barbara Clark (1).

The broad range of categories was to ensure everyone could have a go; regardless of the size of their garden or their ability to look after one.

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