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Hui pulls tradies together

April 2022

Alannah Smith (see: was one of about 60 contractors at the recent ‘Tradies’ Hui’ at Flaxmere Community Centre, where contractors were brought up to speed on the Flaxmere housing projects, and how they can register their interest in being involved in the build.

While the lead contractor selected by Hastings District Council to develop the housing will have the final say, Council has left potential partners in no doubt that they are expected to make every effort to engage local contractors.

Alannah says their company is very interested in the work but, regardless of the outcome, the hui was ‘amazing in many other ways’.

“As a first-time businessowner it was huge for me to meet up with other local tradies to see how we can all work together and with the community, iwi and organisations. It was awesome knowing we are not alone!”

Working together

Alannah was not the only one to see the benefit in working together. Andy Winitana is part of a steering

group that has started a Facebook tradies page ‘Pāharakeke Trades United’ off the back of it. Just a week

or so later, it has hundreds of followers.

It has two aims: to help Flaxmere tradies let locals know they’re available within Pāharakeke and help residents find those local businesses; and to pull together a group of trades professionals willing to band together to develop a work package for the new housing developments.

Andy is encouraging trades based in Flaxmere to join the page and, if they’re interested, put their hand up to be part of a combined tender for the major housing projects. “It’s about making it simple for Council and their development partner to choose our local businesses. They want to do this and the best thing we can do is work together to ensure it happens.”


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