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Having free fun last Christmas

Hundreds have turned out to family-friendly pre-Christmas gatherings in Flaxmere over the last week or so.

The first, organised by Flaxmere Police and the Rapid Relief Team, drew hundreds for a free sausage sizzle and cold drinks, plus lots of fun in the sun.

On Friday, the community gathered at Len Harlen Park in Flaxmere West, for fun, food and friendship, spiced up with Zumba and Christmas carol singing.

The Family Christmas Picnic in the Park was organised by the Flaxmere Planning Committee. Chairman Traci Tuimaseve said the committee decided to hold the Christmas celebration at the west end of the suburb this year, to ‘spread the love’ around the village, and to include a celebration of the new Flaxmere West Community Plan, which sets out the aspirations of the community. Headlined ‘Growing Strong Tamariki’, the plan has been put together by West Flaxmere residents working to fulfil the vision: “A healthy, working community full of great opportunities for all’. The plan will be actioned by the Flaxmere Planning Committee, alongside the over-arching Flaxmere Community Plan.


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