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Flaxmere night markets – the weather can’t beat us

COVID, cyclones, ordinary old rain – what else can nature throw at our monthly summer Fabulous Flaxmere Night Markets?

Despite all that, we have managed to hold five over the six summer markets (the December one combined with Christmas in Flaxmere Park), drawing hundreds to enjoy our unique Paharakeke vibe. Planning is already underway for next season’s markets.

Flaxmere Planning Committee chairman and event co-ordinator Traci Tuimaseve said despite the hurdles, the night markets “were again hugely successful”.

This season the markets were held on Flaxmere Park, moving from their previous site in the Flaxmere Village car park. Traci said the market was getting too big for the car park, and mixing market-goers and vehicles was difficult to manage safely. The move of venue had added to the vibe, and the village shops had continued to support the events.

“It is wonderful to see our families enjoying time together and we look forward to an untroubled run of markets over next summer.”

The monthly markets typically start in October with the last one held in March, before the end of daylight saving.


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